For Tender Ears - eBook

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For Tender Ears - eBook

For Tender Ears

By: Diane Moseley


About the Book

For Tender Ears is a collection of poems inspired by the first book of the Bible, Genesis. Have you ever wondered why God created man or what is man’s purpose? The Bible can answer these questions. Within these pages, For Tender Ears will help you understand the importance of why we live, how to live, and who we live for. Written for readers of ages 9 to 99, anyone can learn of God’s love within Moseley’s poetry.


About the Author

Diane Moseley is a South Carolina native. She is the mother of three children, grandmother of 13, and great-grandmother of four. She began her career as a Speech Pathologist and later became a Special Education teacher. She loves reading, writing, listening to gospel music, laughing, and talking to God. Her cousin, Crystal Lawton, helped her record her passion for God and poetry to write For Tender Ears.    


(2020, eBook)