For the Girl Who has Everything

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For the Girl Who has Everything
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For the Girl Who has Everything
by Crimson Rouge

For the Girl Who Has Everything looks into the world of the Sin Galaxy, a universe where vices are the norm and a taste of anything and everything is close by. This is the world that Stephanie Price populates, as she escapes from prison and takes a journey of redemption to planet Lust with the help of her new mentor, Diana Barrett, Supreme Mother of the Magdalene Sisterhood. But as she embarks on a mission for Diana that takes her into unchartered territory in the kingdom of planet Pride, Stephanie has to find the skill and the mind to fight the temptations swirling around her, including an infatuation with a knight of Greed, Arellano Printario. Meanwhile, back in Lust, a serial killer emerges in a bid for power that could threaten the Magdalene Sisterhood and the peace that the planet Lust stands for. It is Dianas worst nightmare and Stephanies link to a devastating past she has tried to forget. As it comes back full force, Stephanie is forced to face the ultimate challenge: death if she fails, but absolute power over the fabric of Sin Galaxy society if she succeeds.

About the Author

This is the first book from author Crimson Rouge. It is a dark satire that looks deep into the heart and soul of beings, the realms of power and glory, the rise and fall, and what happens when we try to play God.

(2012, paperback, 152 pages)