Forbidden Fruit

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Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit

By: LaVondria Covington

About the Book

Chaos Pearl Night isn’t your typical eighteen-year-old senior in a small town high school. She’s an agent of the Angelic Protection Bureau, specializing in hunting, capturing, and terminating those inhumans who get out of line. Chaos is sworn to keep all creatures, both light and dark, in check with the aid of her guardian angel in training, James.

However, her world gets turned upside down even more when a new face appears in her school. What happens when her system is broken by a new form of monstrosity? What happens when order is destroyed, and rules are broken? What happens when emotions start to become more important than the job?

Over a span of a few days, Chaos will face new challenges, avoiding the most forbidden fruit of them all.


About the Author

LaVondria Covington has had a lifelong love for writing. Since she was a child, she had an overflow of imagination that created intriguing stories. Covington began writing short stories in her spare time, playing with different ideas and perspectives to enhance her characters. As she got older she set her sights on being a writer and creating her first book. She began working on Forbidden Fruit when she was a freshman in high school at the tender age of fourteen. She created a story of myths and legends mixed with modern day characters to give her story essence. Forbidden Fruit is a combination of her love for the unseen world and her interest in living amongst the beings she writes about.

Covington continued to develop her ideas after graduating high school and entering college. She is twenty-two and has finished developing her first book and has continued working on smaller projects. She has tried to develop her writing into something she considers to be a work of art and a detailed look into her imagination. She is a dedicated young author who not only loves to write about what interests her, but loves the ideas that she writes about, the unknown beings she places in her writing, and the characters she creates.


(2019, Paperback, 108 pages)           

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