Forever Sunshine

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Forever Sunshine

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Forever Sunshine
by Monica Lykissas

This book portrays part of the authors life during the seventies in Spain. It starts romantically and leads to a marriage and the birth of a daughter. Unfortunately, her marital relationship deteriorates to the point of separation.

An incredible journey and harrowing experience take her on the path of an international fight for child custody. Battling to keep her sanity, she finds courage in her endeavors and the love for her daughter. The court case rules in her favour, but the price of the outcome is high. Her strong faith in life is conducive to a new beginning, settling in another country.

About the Author

Monica Lykissas was born and brought up in Belgium in French and English. Studying Spanish at a university in Brussels, she subsequently lived in Spain for a few years. Currently settled in Greecewith her husband and two sonsshe teaches English at language schools.

Her love of photography led her to an exhibition in Corfu in 1985.

A self-taught person, she enjoys reading about history, philosophy, and anthropology, and she loves nature, animals, and music.

The island of Crete has been a source of inspiration for her writing and has given her the opportunity to live in a different kind of culture.

(2008, paperback, 84 pages)