Forever This Time

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Forever This Time

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Forever This Time
by S.D. Arnold

Forever This Time takes us to a family celebration where two lives are joined together, and some are remembering a part of their lives torn away by an unwanted divorce.

But never underestimate the power of loveor the power of an unyielding mother who wants her children to have the love they need, no matter what she has to do to bring it to pass.

About the Author

S. D. Arnold is a mother and a grandmother from East Chicago, Indiana. Sharon began writing short stories way back in elementary school and continued off and on through high school and beyond. Having had to deal with a few heartaches, Sharon found that going back to her love of the written word often brought peace and relaxation. Hopefully more stories will be coming from Sharon in the very near future.

(2011, paperback, 86 pages)