Fortune and Fate: Prophesy

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Fortune and Fate: Prophesy
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Fortune and Fate: Prophesy
by Erran T. Gale

The world is young, so much so that the Southlands have yet to be united as a country or even to be ruled under a single power. This young land is known for the gift of magic and the few mages who wield its power. In the shadows of this land exist mysterious, phantom-like creatures known simply as the darkborn. They are believed to be linked to ill intent and corruption and, in one of the many small villages of this land, two boys, as different as night and day, are born.

At the start of their seventh year, a seer looks into their futures and predicts that one boy will grow into a hero of great power who will save the world from a horrible fate and, while the other will also grow in power, his actions will bring destruction to this world. In spite of this prediction, the two boys become the best of friends and decide to change fate and prevent the ruin that is to come, not just for the sake of the world, but also to prove that no one is destined to be evil.

(2016, Paperback, 394 pages)