Fred the Pokka-Dot Fox Jake & Me

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Fred the Pokka-Dot Fox Jake & Me
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Fred the Pokka-Dot Fox Jake & Me
by Gail Holmes

Five-year-old Jake had a special friend; a fox with pokka-dots. Besides going into the woods to play, Jake taught the fox how to say is ABCs and count his 1 2 3s. Jake hid his friend from he other kids in the neighborhood because he was afraid for him, until one day the neighborhood kids were playing and lost their ball. Fred was standing at the edge of the woods and found the ball. Jake was afraid for his friend when the kids saw him and surrounded Fred. Fred started singing out his alphabets and counting numbers that Jake had taught him. Now they are all friends forever.

About the Author

Gail Holmes, author of Lunch with my Wife and Trench Coat on the Grave, was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. She enjoys writing, and socializing with members of her Mardi Gras Carnival Club. She is a wife and mother who works as an Assistant Director of Nursing at a local Nursing Home and is looking forward to completing her new novel that she has been working on.

One day Gail Holmes would like to become a well-known playwright.

(2013, paperback, 38 pages)