Free Petals: Poetries Beyond the Borders

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Free Petals: Poetries Beyond the Borders
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Free Petals: Poetries Beyond the Borders
by Leonardo de Virgilio

This book is unique because its message covers the pains of a human being free of any border and free of any race. The authors viewpoint about peoples lives is extraordinary. During his journey, Leonardo de Virgilio witnessed how a happy life can be affected by poverty, war and natural disaster. This book is a pure legacy of an unbiased sense of humanity.

About the Author:

Leonardo de Virgilio was born in Bari (Puglia, Italy) on December 18, 1949. At the age of 21 he immigrated to Germany, where he worked in various factories, following his studies to become a social worker. He then worked for Caritas in favor of Italian immigrants, subsequently working for the Consulate General of Italy in Stuttgart (Germany), and then in Rome at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Following five years of mission in Jakarta (Indonesia), he currently works in Kabul at the Embassy of Italy.

Passion for poetry and for social justice influenced Leonardo from his youth. Contact with Islamic culture, the status of women, and the suffering of populations affected by natural disasters, poverty and war has particularly influenced his sensitivity. Also love in general and in religion characterize his way of understanding the world.

Leonardo is married and has four children and two grandchildren.

(2015, Paperback, 138 pages)