Freedom Wheels

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9585-5
Freedom Wheels
by Casey Weaver In Freedom Wheels, you will meet Cliff, a middle-aged blind man who lost his sight in an automobile accident while being chased by men he had witnessed dumping a body in a quarry. Susan, a motorcyclist, meets Cliff, and they have exciting, humorous adventures on her bike. The book is filled with colorful characters, such as Dave, the leader of a group of longhaired bikers, and Dino and Nick, two thugs who check on Cliff to be sure he hasnt regained his sight and could identify them. Later, Cliff and Susan meet Big Jake, a tavern owner who is not what he seems. He helps them bring the thugs to justice and puts a Chicago Mafia-type family out of business. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Casey Weaver has always had a love of wheels, whether on cars, eighteen-wheelers, motorcycles, or roller skates. She co-piloted big rigs with her late husband, has ridden motorcycles for many years, and was a member of Motor Maids, a national organization of women motorcyclists. While a widow, she started a motorcycle club for people over forty and is now a lifetime member. Casey, whose writing includes travel articles for a motorcycle publication, poetry, and short stories, now lives with her husband in Phoenix, Arizona. (2004, paperback, 168 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.