Free: Why Not?

Free: Why Not?
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Free: Why Not?
by Izner Hanna Garcia

Jimmy sells his car; he wants to quit the rat race.

Linda goes on a mad shopping spree to offset her guilt for having cheated on her boyfriend.

Eileen has her life all organised until love unexpectedly knocks on her door.

Ian, the ever so serious judge, finds himself riddled with doubts after meeting a very sexy designer.

Peter is a lovely kind of guy, but… at the age of 40 still lives with his mother.

Sandy is just plain stupid but a good girl, anyway.

Fatty is the dog- philosophical and forever hungry.

These amazing characters all come together in this funny and irresistible novel.

Packed with wit, involving dialogues and many, many twist and turns, Free: why not? will certainly have you glued to its pages.

About the Author

When so-called “chic-lit” became a worldwide phenomenon, Izner could not help being puzzled about what his wife found so interesting in the books she was reading. Many nights he was woken up, sometimes by laughter, sometimes by crying. Eager to unveil the mystery, one day he borrowed one of her books, and the penny finally dropped. It was “love at first read.” He decided to try his hand at the genre, bringing a male perspective to it. The result is Free: why not?, his first novel. Izner also writes articles and chronicles for his local newspaper. He lives in Brazil with his wife and six pets.

(2011, paperback, 182 pages)


Free: Why Not? (PDF ebook)
Free: Why Not? (PDF ebook)

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This item is currently out of stock!
Free: Why Not? [Kindle Edition]
Free: Why Not? [ePub]
Free: Why Not? [ePub]

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