Friends and Heroes It's Time to Shine

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Friends and Heroes It's Time to Shine
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Friends and Heroes It's Time to Shine
by Arthur Nelson Thornhill

The bureau-RATS have taken away our last real freedomthe choice of how we spend our hard-earned cash. Without our consent, corrupt politicians are wasting so much more than we have, it would take an Einstein to grasp the magnitude of our national debt. It will take many future generations all their lives just to pay the interest.

We have been cheated out of our birthright. This insanity must be stopped by the people, for the people, or we the people will lose all we gained from the day our nation won freedom with a call to arms. Never fear, America. Its time for another call to arms. The gargoyles are coming! If ever there was a need to get ugly, it is here and now. Our leader, Sir Gargoyle, is as ugly and as truthful as he can be. Art is the best weapon. Join a cast that truly speaks for all of us as they pull the truth of these times up by the roots, shake the filthy parasites loose, and take back the tree of liberty. They also plant the seeds of justice by holding to account those who would destroy our way of life. Lets celebrate our true friends and honor our heroes. Its time to rise and shine.

About the Author

Arthur Nelson Thornhill graduated from Vanderbilt University, was aircraft carrier qualified on the USS Lexington (1970), and was designated a Naval Aviator (1971). He personally trained hundreds of navy pilots and flight instructors and wrote the first draft of The Holedigger in 1980 aboard the USS Eisenhower in the Indian Ocean. The author retired from the USN in 1981. He co-authored Fly Away Old Glory with James OConnor Sargent and authored Good Men Good Women (2010).

Mr. Thornhill married Judy Davis in 1965 and has one daughter and two absolutely perfect grandchildren.

(2011, paperback, 304 pages)