From Behind the Walls

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From Behind the Walls
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From Behind the Walls

by Frank Garcia

When Frank T. Garcia was a boy, he was taken from

His peaceful country of British Honduras, which is now

Belize, to the mean streets of L.A. It didnt take him

Long to rebel and join the street thugs of East L.A. gang.

His hunger for stripes led him into deeper darkness.

Escaping Forty four years and two life sentences, he

Took a deal for twenty-seven years in the war zone

Known as Folsom Prison. His street knowledge and the

inner-world within a world is now before us in his

poems mainly for the youths of today. As the ending

in one of his poems say:

May God forgive us for the life we take

Could have been our brothers this day.

(2013, Paperback, 60 pages)