From Coal Fields to Oil Fields: A Life in Pursuit of All I Could Be

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-8988-5
From Coal Fields to Oil Fields: A Life in Pursuit of All I Could Be
by Sylvester C. Myers Sylvester Myers peered thru a slat in the proverbial fence and saw a world of possibilities on the other side. I went with him on his journey as he reinvented himself over and over again. He is a thinking business-minded man cut from the dwindling cloth of those old southern craftsmen. John Singleton, Oscar-nominated screenwriter and film director (Boyz N the Hood) Sy Myers is the consumate professional. Here is a humble man, indeed a man's man, who is a friend, colleague and mentor. This book is a wonderful record of his life, understated and honest. Compellingly simple in its description of his life, richly layered with recollection, it provides a blueprint for others to follow, if they just reflect on Sy as the model professional. Terrance C. Ryan, PhD, PE, Executive Director, Engineers and Surveyors Institute Sy Myers has always been eager to reach his goals and is a warm and welcome friend. His memoir attests both to his success in his career and to his good character as a father, friend, and business professional. Looking back at my years of working with Sy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the Corps of Engineers, and in our companies' joint ventures in Washington, DC and overseas after his retirement, I find him ever true to the values of his upbringing: honesty and trustworthiness. Ab S. Alkassim, President, Ace Consultants, Inc., Washington, D.C. My friend Sy Myers' autobiography is the inspiring story of his climb from a two-room shanty in the Depression-era coal camps of West Virginia to the heights of international business. An account of his personal search for "something better," it deserves wide readership as a true story of what one man, with high ambitions, a firm self-confidence, and the will and personal discipline to do his best, can make of life's challenges. E. Lily Murphree, Jr., PE, PhD, Professor of Engineering Management & Systems Engineering, The George Washington University, Washington, D.C. Sylvester C. Myers is a Senior Cost Engineer with 40+ years cost management experience in a variety of government agency projects including USACE, HUD, and GSA, in the US and abroad. A native of West Virginia, Myers found that talent and ambition together with discipline and determination were a powerful recipe for success. This is the story of his transformation from country youth to world-traveling businessman, a story that points the way for all who desire to craft their lives to match their potentials. (2007, paperback, 316 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.