From Dust to Glory - A Rural Journey

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From Dust to Glory - A Rural Journey
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From Dust to Glory - A Rural Journey
by Harley Swaney

This book depicts the story of an old man named Charley who has nearly completed his lifes race and is determined to leave a legacy to future generations. The first three chapters are a written account of a childs life during the depression years and how his parents deal with the poverty that ensues. The following three chapters deal with the emotional upheaval he endures during his teen and high school years. The next several chapters deal with the joys and tragedies of raising a family, and the remainder of the book relates to his spiritual life, how it affects his relationship with people, and how it is reflected in his lifes philosophy. The story encompasses a combination of history, humor, folklore, tragedy, and spiritual victory.

About the Author

The author was raised and nurtured on a farm in South Dakota, received his elementary education in one-room rural schools, and attended high school in a small-town consolidated high school. He continued his training in the fields of literature and grammar at San Antonio College and South Dakota State University. The author had a desire to enter the field of journalism while in high school, but military and family obligations altered that course for his life. He has always wanted to write, and in the year 2003, he decided to write his autobiography for his posterity. He has always felt that some of the most interesting stories are related by the neighbor next door or humble folk living across the pasture. He was motivated to write this book because he feels some of the most inspirational accounts of life come from ordinary folk who maintain an extraordinary faith about life. He feels society has become so indoctrinated by the glitter that wealth exhibits; it fails to appreciate the reality and humility that surround it.

(2012, hardcover, 210 pages)