From Evelyn Park to Dave Square

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From Evelyn Park to Dave Square

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From Evelyn Park to Dave Square
by R. J. Ryan

Three stories about ordinary men in extraordinary situations, From Evelyn Park to Dave Square has it allaction, suspense, laughs, and tears. Youre called upon to do something extremely difficult, something that could cost lives. What would you do? You strike up a friendship with an abused lady and are powerless to stop the abuse. What would you do? You have a dark secret eating you up inside. What would you do?

These questions and more are answered in this unique collection, told from the readers perspective. You walk a mile in our heroes shoes. You get to be the hero.

About the Author

R. J. Ryan was born and raised in southeastern Virginia, where he lives to this day. A child of pop culture, R. J. spent many of his formative years in front of the television and in darkened movie theaters. His love of storytelling first took wings in junior high school. He believes that shorter stories, as his literary hero Edgar Allen Poe taught him, have the same merit that longer tales can carry. As he learned in high school, an economy of words can be a good thing.

(2011, paperback, 124 pages)