From Mother's Womb to God and From Mommy's Womb to God

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-8882-6
From Mother's Womb to God and From Mommy's Womb to God
by Vanessa Israel From Mothers Womb to God and From Mommys Womb to God is a dual book written to provoke thought on how to help children develop a close relationship with God very early in life. This relationship can start primarily before birth. From Mothers Womb to God is written for parents and gives thought and ideas to the parents role in introducing their children to God. The parents are encouraged to introduce the children to God primarily through the parents own relationship with God. The book encourages parents to be examples, give examples and to be accountable for their childrens lives. On the flip side, From Mommys Womb to God is written to encourage children as Gods precious creations. The book gives the children ideas of how to have a close relationship with God. The children are encouraged to think about God and build a relationship with Him. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Vanessa Israel was born in Cleveland, Ohio. She currently resides with her family in Chicago, Illinois. She started writing letters to God when she was very young. She grew up in search of God and her purpose in life. After many years of searching, she has learned that one of her missions in life is to help young people seek and find God early on in life. Ms. Israel has come to realize that everyone has a God-given path if they choose it. He is the Parent. We are the children. Children can learn to understand this very early in life. If they do I believe that their lives will be much simpler and easier. (2007, paperback, 44 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.