From the Cross to Eternity (A Book of Inspirational Poems)

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From the Cross to Eternity (A Book of Inspirational Poems)
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From the Cross to Eternity (A Book of Inspirational Poems)
by Linda McReynolds

This is a book of original inspirational poems that have been written over a span of 50 years of the authors life. No matter where you are in life right now, you can find strength, compassion, guidance, encouragement, and comfort within these pages. Linda writes about lifes hardships and blessings, Gods plan for us and salvation, and personal matters, with the hope that you find encouragement to not be afraid of the dark. Jesus is the Light; Hes that still small voice that urges you to be guided by His truth and Light. Many are lost in the dark; your light may be what saves their life. Its about the message God loves us, John 3:16-18. Every poem was guided by the Holy Spirit and was meant to be shared with you.

About the Author:

Linda McReynolds was born in Franklin, Kentucky. She grew up from humble beginnings, a daughter of a tenant farmer and parents that taught her of Gods love and mercy. She grew up in church as a Sunday school teacher and piano player. She is the Evangelist of On Time God, a certified Lay Servant, and has a heart that is dedicated to serving others and God. Her sermons have been broadcast internationally.

Through the years, Linda has survived many brushes with death and experienced many miracles. Some poems have come to her in a dream. Her message is Everyone has a special gift and purpose. You may be the only Bible your friends and loved ones will ever see and hear. We are the only eyes, ears, hands, feet, mouth and mind that God has to bring others into His love, grace, mercy and truth. Dont delay. Its never too late for God to bless someone through you. You never know whose life depends on your decision, besides yours. Jesus is coming soon.

(2016, Paperback, 76 pages)