From the Heart - eBook

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From the Heart - eBook

From The Heart
by Yolanda P. Tyson

Yolanda P. Tyson was born December 29, 1983. She began writing poetry when she was only eleven years old. She started with a journal, writing feelings about her life, happiness, sadness, good times, bad times, even depression.

While she was writing, Yolanda decided to make her journal into poetry. She is still writing today.

At the age of twenty-four, she gave birth to a son on August 2, 2008. While Jeremiah was growing up, the things she saw him doing really amazed her. Some poems here are written about him.

Yolanda has had seizures since she was a year old. The medication she takes is a huge distraction. She did not do that well in school, so she stopped going. When she decided to go back, it was too late. Now she is working to receive her G.E.D. and hoping to make a living writing poetry.

Yolanda’s poems consist of fiction and nonfiction poems. She hopes her readers enjoying reading them as much as she enjoys writing them.

(2017, eBook)