From the Shore into Darkness

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From the Shore into Darkness

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From the Shore into Darkness
by Angel Laureano

Even David could not see his destiny; he could feel itdream its reality. The courage to fight every obstacle gave him the power to succeed as he climbed the opposing ladder over what was blocking him from his goals.

The sky and the sea witnessed his dreams, controlling their mute power to help him. The struggle to succeed and the power to try transported David to a situation where he was walking to slowly from the shore of his life into the deep ocean.

Step with your imagination on one of the seas waves that comes to the shore as you read; live and feel the splashes of the seawater against the pier, full of love, intrigue, suspense, power, and rain from the party cloud sky. Listen to the steady wind song bringing difficult times or just the fresh air of solutions to the character problems as they walk with us. Lets meet them, as we open From the Shore into Darkness.

About the Author

A native of Vega Baja, Puerto Rico, Angel Laureano published his first book in 1962, Estepas-poems and meditations. He became known to the public as a songwriter in 1970, and in 1984, he published Luz en la tinienbla de un sueo, a collection of poems.

With a bachelors degree in education, Mr. Laureano worked for the Human Resources Adminstration in New York City for twenty-one years. His interest in helping others has lead him to start theater groups, writing and directing plays in New York and Puerto Rico. After learning English, he developed a simplified course so that others may learn.

Now retired in New York, Mr. Laureano enjoys reading, playing chess, cooking, walks in the park, and listening to music, From the Shore into Darkness is his first novel in English.

(2010, paperback, 156 pages)