From Woe to Wow: Enjoy the Journey

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From Woe to Wow: Enjoy the Journey

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From Woe to Wow: Enjoy the Journey
by Joyce Burleson

An apprehensive approach to life can give birth to a worried, overwhelming existence known also as woe! Anxiety becomes combustible and easily flames as we observe and reflect on our daily lives. Enjoying living emanates from a watchful overcoming walk, which can be called the wow of life.

As you journey through this short collection of inspirational poems and life encounters, I pray you too will allow God, by His great grace, to wow you every day! Each day that you are alive is a gift from God, bringing with its inception a surprise to be enjoyed. Leave woe. Love living. Embrace wow!

About the Author

Joyce Burleson is a poet and an artist who is active in her community and church in her hometown in Texas. She was born in 1947. Her life travels, triumphs, and travails have given her a unique perspective. She has resided in California, Japan, Washington State, and Germany. Her poems have been featured in Classic and Inspirational Poetry, compiled by S. K. Brown (Brentwood Christian Press, 1994). In September of 2003, she received the Editors Choice Award for outstanding achievement in poetry, presented by the International Library of Poetry and

Joyce now resides in San Antonio, Texas, and has two children and two grandchildren.

(2011, paperback, 44 pages)