Fundamentals of Hedge Funds: Alternative Investment Vehicles

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Fundamentals of Hedge Funds: Alternative Investment Vehicles

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Fundamentals of Hedge Funds: Alternative Investment Vehicles
by Felix Lessambo

Fundamentals of Hedge Funds is geared to a large public: hedge fund managers, risk management officers, investment consultants, and investment bankers find what is needed to sharpen and enhance their knowledgelegal, corporate, finance, and tax considerations for their businesses. Likewise, MBA students in finance, risk management, and executive management, and MS students in investment management or enterprise risk management learn and nurture their intellect as to the hedge fund world and prepared to contribute to the spring of this booming industry.

Hedge fund managers are no longer just short-term investors seeking a quick return on their investments. They have diversified their portfolios in various investments, including long-term investments, an arena longer considered to be the essence business of private equity.

The topics covered in this book assist even a layperson investor interested in these alternative investment vehicles.

About the Author

Dr. Felix Lessambo is an Adjunct Associate Professor at St. Johns University, where he teaches International Taxation, Individual Tax Planning, and Financial Reporting: Evaluation and Analysis.

Prior to his St. Johns appointment, Dr Lessambo taught International Tax, European Union Tax, and Corporate Tax at the University of Kinshasa. He specializes in the Taxation of International Business Transactions, Cross-border Transfer Pricing, E.U. laws, International Finance, and Alternative Investment Vehicles. He is the author of Taxation of International Business and Fundamentals of European Union Direct Tax. Dr. Lessambo has co-authored two best-selling BNA- Special Reports on Hedge Funds and Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) and published over fifty leading articles in international tax law reviews.

The author lives in New York and serves on the boards of various Christian organizations.

(2011, paperback, 248 pages)