Gallery of Life

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Gallery of Life
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Gallery of Life
by Mirfarhad Moghimi

Gallery of Life is a poetic journey about the moods of spirituality and the religiously deep awareness of human empathy conditions which contain abundant blessings. The collection of poems focuses on everyday living, faith, love, hope, trust, peace, and God. These poems will walk through the readers mind and heart. The reader will be enlightened to self-awareness as the poems focus on the light of spirituality in daily life and reflect on our calling and our abundant blessings. Gallery of Life takes the reader closer to God and the intellectual world while freeing him or her to conquer the demons from the devils and Satan.

About the Author:

Mirfarhad Moghimi is an Iranian poet, author, and artist born in 1960 in Rasht, Iran. He studied in the University of Southern Illinois at Carbondale, Illinois, in the United States of America. Mirfarhad Moghimi currently resides in Rasht, Iran. As a self-taught artist, Mirfarhad Moghimi is a member of several art galleries in the world. His paintings are available for purchase at,,,, and His art is filled with fresh ideas: the galaxy, nature, trees, and peace. Mirfarhad Moghimi has two additional publications. In 12 January, 2016, Double Thought was published by RoseDog Books in the United States. It is a collection of the art of words in short stories, the art of thought, and the art of mind. His other publication, Last Laugh, was published in 2003, by Janus Publishing Company in the United Kingdom. It is a collection of Jokes and thought-provoking points.

(2016, Paperback, 196 pages)

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    Posted by Gallery Of Life by Mirfarhad Moghimi on Oct 28th 2017