Game Changer - eBook

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Game Changer - eBook

Game Changer
by Erhabor Ighodaro, PhD

Life is a game and we all are players. Some may be unaware of their role in the game and may in fact be oblivious to the game being played. You are either a player or you are been played.

There is no room for spectators in a platform that is made for conquest. The terrain is fierce, brutal and unforgiving. But it is still a game and only those who understand the rules can get in the game, stay in the game and be on top of the game.

Game Changer is a body of work that chronicles the major themes in the life of the author, a first generation immigrant and the first Nigerian American to be elected into political office in South Florida.

A must read, the book provides an introspection for others to gain access to a catalogue of perspectives, strategies and tactics that allows a perennial underdog to win a record breaking election and successfully compete in ‘the game’ of American politics.

Drawing inspirations from scripture, the world of competitive sports and his background as a star athlete, the author skillfully presents strategies and tactics for dealing with some of life’s most pressing challenges.

Game Changer is a book about winning in spite of the odds. If you want to win, even when others (friends, family and so-called experts) count you out or attempt to thwart your best efforts, learn the rules of the game and use these proven strategies to transform the game.

Be a game changer!

In the book:

Get the 7 rules of the game

Know how to exploit your home court advantage

Learn how to get what you want without sacrificing your values

Study the octopus complex and transform any personal handicap into an advantage

About the Author:

Erhabor Ighodaro, PhD is an educator with a solid background in public management, urban justice, urban education, curricula design and implementation of best practice methodologies, educational public policy and the intervention and resolution of school and community based conflict.

Dr. Ighodaro serves as Professor of Criminal Justice at Florida Memorial University, is the Founder/CEO of Oracle Consulting Group, LLC a dispute systems design and conflict resolution firm and is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator.

An often heralded speaker on youth and non-violent engagement, Dr. Ighodaro is also the author of the groundbreaking publication Curriculum Violence: America's New Civil Rights Issue (2010) by Nova Science Publishers.

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