Ganzheit Psychology

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Ganzheit Psychology

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Ganzheit Psychology
by William H. Calhoun, Ph.D.

This book is the summary of my life. I have taught many psychology classes and was uneasy with the textbook definitions of psychology. I dislike the arguments that seem to have no basis. I began to read original sources like Pavlov, Wundt, James, and Freud. That is where I encountered the term Ganzheit. That was what I needed; this was a way to bring all of psychology under one label. My book is a synthesis of how I view psychology. I see the strength of behavioral psychology and I understand the importance of thinking and emotion.

About the Author

My father passed away when I was six. It was not until I was a professor I learned he wanted to be a college teacher. I fulfilled his dream. Teaching is my love and I have had a great career. In my earlier life I always felt too hurried to have time to write. Once I retired I found I not only had the time but I loved the work. This is my third major book about aspects of psychology, and it offers me a sense of closure about which you will read. I wish you well.

(2010, paperback, 186 pages)