Garlands of Grace

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Garlands of Grace
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Garlands of Grace
Photographs and Text by Debbie Winkler Hays
Photos and Scripture Selection by Sherrie Prater Doke

A Gift that will melt the hearts of Mothers and Friends Alike

This work celebrates a special friendship that developed in the midst of the world we all live in--too hectic, too noisy and too demanding. It flourished, however, because of a mutual respect for what is truly valuable in life. Never forgetting the importance of faith, family and friends, the authors found pleasure in the simplicity of their surroundings and sought meaning in the majesty and mystery of Gods creation. Dedicated to mothers and special friends, these photographs, enhanced by simple scriptures, share the feelings of two friends and capture moments in time, that speak to your spirit.

Garlands of Grace is a gift that promises to bring joy to the heart, memories to the mind, peace to the soul and a smile to the face of all who peruse its pages.

About the Author

Debbie Hays resides in Corrales, New Mexico, with her husband of 37 years, Brad. They have five children and five grandchildren. Ms. Hays served as the County Manager of Sandoval County for 18 years and retired at the end of 2008. Her love for photography continues.

Sherrie Doke resides in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, with her husband of 41 years, Larry. They have two children and five grandchildren. Ms. Doke worked as the Executive Assistant to the County Manager of Sandoval County for 13 years and retired in 2011.

Ms. Hays and Ms. Doke have an enduring friendship, but truly miss the daily interaction they enjoyed for so many years.

(2012, paperback, 58 pages)