Gay and God

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-7981-7
Gay and God
by Rev. Dee Workman The main purpose for me writing this book is my message I have to carry. My message is one of peace and harmony. It has taken me up to this time of my life for my sexuality and spirituality to become one. My message is to honor all of diversity regardless of where you see it. Know you are one and you count no matter who you are, especially your gender and sexuality. Once I had this experience during my ministerial training and ordination in 2000. I had to be me, and you have to be you. Honor that which you are and that which your neighbor may be or not be. Always be true blue true to who you are and honor those not like you, especially in the subcultures in the butch-femme and leather communities. Once you experience who you truly are, you can never go back. You are an expression of the totality of all universal goodness, and so am I. There are no coincidences; everything happens in divine time. In spiritual time, there are no clocks, no days, and no weeks. It simply is just as you are. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Rev. Dee Workman has led an extremely interesting and diverse life. Raised on the eastern shore of Maryland, Dee served as a United States Marine during the Vietnam War. She was a federal food inspector for the U.S. Department of Agriculture and has been a successful business owner for over twenty-one years. Dee currently lives in the beautiful mountains of northeast Georgia, just north of Atlanta. Rev. Dee entered into the study of Science of Mind in 1981 with her late teacher and mentor, Dr. Kennedy Shultz, who was the founder and minister of the Atlanta Church of Religious Science (ACRS). She has completed all three units of both Science of Mind 1 and Science of Mind 2, as well as one year of classroom and training for methods of successful Spiritual Mind Treatment through affirmative prayer work. After completing a one-year internship, Rev. Dee was licensed in 1966 as a spiritual practitioner through religious science and now actively works with clients. Rev. Dee presently offers full ministerial services, including weddings and commitment ceremonies, and conducts online work with people locally and around the world, including private online sessions with clients for spiritual counseling. Rev. Dee started a New Thought Study Group in her hometown of Clayton, GA, and is in the process of creating an online ministry that will relay the New Thought Movement and message. Dees philosophy in life is: If you dont have what you need spiritually, then it is up to you to create such an environment. We create the type of environment in which we want to live. If you dont like where you are living or what you may be living in, then it is up to you to change it. Feel free to contact her at or (2008, paperback, 80 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.