Gentle Touch I

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Gentle Touch I

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Gentle Touch I
by Ilsa E. Garcia Gonzalez

Gentle Touch I is a collection of poetry where emotions can be sensed, a feeling that can be easily gained empathizing with what has been written as a verse on these poems. Also gain easily is the gentle touch of a moment that spares love and emotion.

About the Author

Ilsa E. Garcia-Gonzalez was born in November 1970. Her hometown is called Aibonito (The City of Flowers), and it is in Puerto Rico. For the author, poetry is a lovely way of expression. It is where words of wisdom can be written, emotions can be translated to words, sharing feelings and love with others, valuable moments and lessons to be held, and you can learn and share with the world. With simplicity and thinking in everyday situations, words came out into a verse. The author hopes you all enjoy this first edition.

(2010, paperback, 118 pages)