German Psychodrag Excogitate

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German Psychodrag Excogitate
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German Psychodrag Excogitate
by Daniel Rice

Daniel Rice was born in 1967 in Hudson, Wisconsin. He had moved with his family three times, settling in Manhattan, Kansas, in the Flint Hills. He describes himself as your typical Alterna-hippie grunge tribesman. He has written poetry since 1995. His outlook on life is that anyone can change, no matter his or her age. He strives for a personal state of Self-Actualization (and its rewards), according to I. Maslows concept of Humanism. He espouses Beatnik ideals and firmly believes the Counterculture has a right to exist.

This book was written over a five-year span in two apartments, and speaks to the Triumphs and Sorrows of ordinary life, and to the progress possible through the application of adaptive Psychology.

(2012, paperback, 84 pages