Getting Here: An Odyssey Through World War II

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Getting Here: An Odyssey Through World War II

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Getting Here: An Odyssey Through World War II
by Ruth L. Weiss Hohberg

Four-year-old Ruth is torn from a comfortable home in 1939. She and her mother travel east to search for safety. Her father remains behind. He treks by foot across Poland to join them shortly before the Russian Army moves into Lvov.

Rounded up at gunpoint as enemies of the State and transported in cattle cars to primeval Siberia, they manage to survive the winter. The following fall they are permitted to go south, with restrictions. En route the family is retaken prisoner and brought to Uzbekistan for the duration of the war. At wars end, they opt for repatriation. They arrive in America in 1947.

About the Author

One of the youngest survivors of the Holocaust who is still living, the author shares memories of her odyssey. Born in Poland and living in New York City since 1947, she received her education in public schools. She is a graduate of the Cooper Union School of Art and Architecture, the College of the City of New York (BA), the College of New Rochelle (MA), and the Wurzweiler School of Social Work of Yeshiva University (MSW).

Living in Southern California since 2000, she indulges her love for creating art, writing, theater, and travel. Ruth is an exhibiting artist in acrylics, watercolor, mixed media, and photography.

(2011, paperback, 106 pages)