Ghost Beads

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Ghost Beads

Ghost Beads

By: Billie Annette


About the Book

Ghost Beads is Billie Annette’s second poetry collection. Once again, her unique perspective of life will grip readers’ innermost selves and shake their minds to delve further into these thought-provoking poems. The prose within will awaken and challenge minds. Appreciating the prose within, readers will want more.


Early readers of this work are quoted are quoted:

“This is a treasure to be discovered!”

“I cried, I was angry, I laughed.”

“I am left to think alone in my mind and contemplate the beauty of life and love.”

“I am so honored to read these poems. I want to first say that I am crying… you gifted me with these words as if you see through my soul.”


About the Author

Billie Annette and her husband James make their home in northern Minnesota with their 90-pound lapdog Fella. She enjoys doting on her adult kids and grandchildren. Her next poetry collection is in progress.


(2020, Paperback, 102 Pages)


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