Gilbert the Good-Hearted Jackal - eBook

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Gilbert the Good-Hearted Jackal - eBook

Gilbert the Good-Hearted Jackal

By: Alex Foster


About the Book

Gilbert is a bigger than usual black-backed jackal who lives in Kenya, Africa. Even though Gilbert is a jackal, he does not eat meat as most jackals do! Gilbert is a vegetarian who likes eating fruits and vegetables instead. Gilbert uses his knowledge and skills to help his animal friends. He makes their lives better by helping them solve their problems as great friends should!


About the Author

Alex Foster was born in Jasper, TX in August of 1992. At 6-years-old, Alex was diagnosed with autism (pervasive deficit disorder). On the Autism Spectrum scale, Alex is in the middle or moderate between mild and severe. Even with his autism, Alex completed 12 years of public school and received a Certificate of Completion.

Alex has an amazing memory and can recall facts and information on almost any rare, exotic, and wild animal. He truly enjoys mostly the animals of Africa. He has an enormous love of dogs, and when he is not writing his Gilbert books, he is spending time with his two dogs, Missy and Albert. 


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