Giving and Receiving by Faith

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Giving and Receiving by Faith

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Giving and Receiving by Faith
by Shelvie Birchfield

I, Shelvie J. Cartlidge-(Birchfield), was born in a small town in MS, Rolling Fork, MS., on August 30, 1940. I attended Henry Weathers Elementary, Junior-Senior High, and MS. Valley State University. After college, I moved to Washington, D.C., where I attended Temple Business College, after completing the courses of training, I took the Civil Service Exam and passed with a 97.6 and worked for the Department of Commerce.

I live in North Mankato, Minnesota. Hopefully after reading this brief autobiography, you will know a little more about me and my calling to write.

I grew up in the Church. My mother and grandmother wouldnt have it any other way. I have an undiluted faith in God, in me. A faith that I acquired from a Grandmother and a mother of faith. My grandmother made sure that we attended Sunday School every Sunday and she read Bible Stories to us often from her Picture Bible. I remember a picture of the devil. He was dressed in a red suit. He had a pitch fork in his hand and he was pushing people into a large lake of fire. She would always say, If you dont be good, he will pitch you into that fire one day. We were as good as gold.

I am an anointed writer through the Grace of God. The anointing that Im speaking of is that divine energy that comes upon you and separates you from yourself and fills you with Gods presence, so much that when you speak, write, or act, its like God doing these things through you. I have read the Bible through several times but this is the first time that I have been inspired to write a book from my notes and from other information I received while hearing the Word of God preached. God is the author and finisher of my writing ability. Its through His Grace that these books are being written. Now I have a Series of Ten Scriptural Books just waiting to be published, and they are just loaded with good news that some of us would normally miss while reading the Bible. This is Book Number Three (III), Giving and Receiving by Faith, from the Series of Ten. The books that Ive written through Gods anointing are very informative and so interesting that you will not want to put them down once you start reading. You might even say to yourself, I didnt know that this is how God meant for us to give! They are guaranteed to be loved by and an inspiration to individual readers as well as families. I have tried them on my family and they are just thrilled with them.

I got this anointed urge to share the Written Word with millions of people all over the world about three years ago, and I have been writing since then. With God as my Source, He is making it all possible, through His chosen instruments. My writing is an inspiration from God, and God teaches us here in the very beginning in Deuteronomy, of His covenant relationship with His people. We are to: Give God our best and expect Him to give us His best. To put God and His ways first in our lives and in our giving. Every time we give, it is to be the first fruit - our very best.

God tells us we have to do something - to go forth and put our faith on what we have been promised by Him and make it happen. It isnt going to fall out of the sky. We must do something to make it happen. Moses said that there was no poor among them as long as they believed in God and obeyed Him. God would wipe out poverty and prosper His people.

About the Book

This book will teach you how to keep the communication lines open with God through giving and receiving. How to have a closer covenant relationship with God through giving and receiving. You will learn that it is more blessed to give than to receive and why. When you give, you are planting seeds that God will multiply because He is the Multiplier - the Source of all our need.

This book is about Gods principles on receiving, how it blesses you but giving is what produces the blessing of supply for you to receive. This principle applies to all sowing and reaping - giving and receiving. We have to be very careful not to sow any bad seeds, like doing wrong things to our neighbors.

We will learn from this book that giving must be done in rhythm in order to really reap the harvest, like doing good deeds, giving tithes, giving to someone in need, praying for the sick, helping others. And that you will receive more than you give.

God doesnt need our money. It all belongs to Him. Its Gods way of getting our needs met because he is our Source. We will learn that if we follow and obey Gods plan there is to be an even greater prosperity. When you learn the truth about giving and receiving, it will make you free.

(2011, paperback, 102 pages)