Go Go Sadie

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Go Go Sadie

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Go Go Sadie
by Bonnie Lee
Illustrated by Erin Taylor

A sloth that "runs" a marathon? - Welcome to the second book written by Author Bonnie Lee which showcases the animals of Costa Rica as they embark on an adventure with Sadie the Sloth. Sadie is the first sloth to ever participate in the "JungleRun" and with the help and encouragement of her friends and family we shall see if Sadie has it in her to finish a race.

About the Author

Bonnie Lee was born in New York and has lived in the San Francisco/Bay Area since 1988. Bonnie enjoys writing, traveling, and discovering indigenous animals from around the world.

Bonnie Lee is the author of Momo Come Home & creative director of Bonnie Lee Books

(2011, hardcover, 46 pages)