Go Outside

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Go Outside

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Go Outside
by Sharae D. Ellis

Go Outside tells the story of the adventures of one day-care provider and her charges as they embark on a walk though their neighborhood. They encounter different people, animals, and weather conditions, all of which give them a new appreciation of the great outdoors.

Go Outside reinforces lessons such as working together and looking both ways before crossing the street and shows how going outside can be educational and fun.

About the Author

Sharae Ellis is a mother, grandmother, foster parent, and a home day-care provider and respiratory therapist. She is a native of Chicago, IL and a graduate of Malcolm X College, where she earned an AAS degree. She also has a certificate in child development from Olive Harvey College.

It was while she was in one of her child development classes that she got the assignment to write a childrens book. That project led to the creation of this book and the realization of the authors long-held dream to have her work published.

(2009, paperback, 30 pages)