God Bless Paul: A Collection of Love Poetry

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God Bless Paul: A Collection of Love Poetry

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God Bless Paul: A Collection of Love Poetry
by Crystal Lane Swift

God Bless Paul: A Collection of Love Poetry is a series of poems inspired by and written for the Pauls of my life. The Apostle Paul focused on the concept of love and how God intended this concept to be felt and expressed. Though I, as all people, have fallen short of this intention time and time again, the expression and encapsulation of my attempts is a piece of my process. It is my hope that readers of this collection will latch on to the words they were looking for, correct the words I ineffectively provided, and be inspired to write their own. Thank you for reading my words. I loved writing them.

About the Author

Crystal Lane Swift, Ph.D., Rhetoric and Public Address, 2008, Louisiana State University, is a Professor of Communication and Co-Director of Forensics at Mount San Antonio College in Walnut, California. She currently has published twelve academic articles, which focus on abortion rhetoric, rape survivor rhetoric, or intercollegiate forensics. She also published a book, This House Would Ethically Engage, in August of 2008. This is her first creative writing publication. She enjoys writing, teaching, coaching speech and debate, singing, playing guitar, modeling, acting, painting, and spending time with friends and family.

(2009, paperback, 116 pages)