God Love All Black Sheep

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God Love All Black Sheep

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God Love All Black Sheep
by Sis. Linda Lynne Ford

I think we all go through something, so why not sit down and just write it down? As you are writing, you talk to God, and God talks to you. I think when people write, it eases their minds. You worry less and think more. Everything I write comes from the heart; it is me. It is what is on the inside. I think most writers write from their hearts. That way everything is real.

I think lifes problems have made me just sit on my porch and write. I didnt finish high school. I completed eleventh grade and later went back to night school. God told me, Linda, I can still use you to be a great writer. For that I am grateful.

About the Author

I was born and raised in a small city one mile from Shreveport, Louisiana. It is called the best city in the world: Bossier City, Louisiana. I am the oldest of eight, mother of two, and grandmother of four. I went to Airline High School and night school in Benton, Louisiana. I enjoy helping others, if nothing other than teaching them how good God is. I enjoy writing true-life stories. I also like to sing and write songs. I like catering and cooking food, and I also love fishing, reading, sewing, skating, and swimming. I love to sing in my church choir, and I would love to travel.

(2011, paperback, 30 pages)