God Saw It Was Good

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God Saw It Was Good
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God Saw It Was Good
by Annette M. Jackson-Taylor

In God Saw It Was Good, the author compiles books written about three different subjects (fire, clouds, and water), and invites both teachers and parents to join her as she takes this rather unique approach to expose young children to God's many wonders. She relies on her personal experiences as a mother and a grandmother. She assures the reader that this method of taking subjects about which children have a natural fascination is simple, fun, and, most of all, effective. Prepare to have your children pay very close attention as they begin to recognize that all of God's creations fit into His marvelous plan for their lives.

For the Sunday School teacher who has been entrusted to teach young children, this compilation, with its specific references to Bible scriptures and stupendous illustrations, is a "must read." Used properly to jumpstart imaginations, to stimulate thinking, and to prompt intelligent questions, God Saw It Was Good will serve as an invaluable tool and should be a welcomed addition into the library of each Christian home and church.

About the Author

Annette M. Jackson-Taylor is a retired trial attorney who lives in the Kansas City suburb of Mission, Kansas. As a child growing up in Kansas City she attended the Baptist church, was a youth usher, sang in the youth choir, worked in youth missions, and enjoyed attending summer church camps. As an attorney, she worked in America and abroad and received an international Award of Merit for her work for missing and abducted children.

Jackson-Taylor is a former Sunday school teacher of children ages three to six. While teaching and engaging in conversation with young children, she developed an interest in providing them with easily understood rhyme and verse to teach the many lessons contained in the Bible. She is committed to making the Bible come alive for children of all ages.

(2013, paperback, 94 pages)