God Was Right There With Me…Through It All

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God Was Right There With Me…Through It All

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God Was Right There With MeThrough It All
by Cynthia Foust

This memoir is based on true-life experiences of a young girl who grows up in the projects in a dysfunctional home by her single mother. She becomes pregnant at the age of fourteen and drops out of school to become a mother and a woman at an early age. She can't seem to emotionally detach herself from abusive and unhealthy relationships. She also experiences and becomes more closer to GOD after witnessing an illness that attacks her youngest son, along with struggling with drug addiction and being betrayed by her family. But GOD was right there with her through it all despite all that was against her. This book will captivate your hearts and motivate your faith. It's about triumph, courage, and pain, and most of all, it is true.

About the Author

Today Cynthia Foust is a woman who loves and fears GOD. She is a native of Atlanta, Georgia, born to Mr. Curlee and Joanne Strozier. Cynthia is the only daughter of four sons: Kenneth, Milton, Rodney, and Shannon. She's the wife of her soulmate, Mr. Lawrence Foust, and the mother of five children, including a stepson: Uganda, Taurus, Zandra, Christopher, and Kendrick. Cynthia is also blessed with four beautiful grandchildren: Zae'ja, Ceifearia, Kentavious, and Alycia.

Before becoming pregnant at the age of fourteen, Cynthias dreams were to finish school, enroll in college, and become a writer. She now attends college in Durham, NC, where she resides.

Cynthias vision is to continue to write books and motivate and encourage teenage girls with children, those struggling with domestic violence, and those with drug addictions. Cynthias prayer is that her book will touch many hearts, inspire, and give hope to others who are facing what she experienced.

(2011, paperback, 58 pages)