God's 3 x 7 Creation Events

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ISBN: 978-0-8059-9406-3
God's 3 x 7 Creation Events
by Cleo Paul Strawmyer This book is the result of the authors searching the Scriptures, giving illumination to many spiritual unanswered questions. Additional facts were gleaned from the pages of history and the writings of scholars both past and present. The reader will obtain a glimpse into the origin of man, existence on this earth, and of life after death, Rev. 21:1, New Heaven and the New Earth. A picture is painted about life and existence in the New Heaven and the New Earth. The picture is so unique that it will arouse the mind of every reader to visions heretofore not dreamed of or imagined. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Living through the 1929 depression, and as a clergyman, through the Second World War and those that followed, brought me face to face with people in need of comfort and guidance. I did not always have adequate answers for daily life, death, and life after death. After retirement, I found time to do extensive study for answers to unanswered questions, and this book came into being. God did not speak to me in voice nor signs, but I felt His guiding hand throughout all the written pages. To the Eternal and Almighty One I give all the glory. (2004, paperback, 256 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.