God's Beauty Plan

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God's Beauty Plan

God’s Beauty Plan

By: Keela Vaughn

About the Book

We are told so many things by the world about our outward appearance. Those falsehoods become engraved into our hearts, making us believe those lies. Some of these negative beliefs come from our family, the media, or the covers of magazines at the checkout counter. We can hear within our hearts that: we are too slow, too fast, too old, too young, too fat, too skinny, too stupid, too smart, too ugly.

These falsehoods are imprinted within our minds and hearts by Satan! He slowly wiggles these visual thoughts into our hearts! This world has its own outward beauty plan, but we need to reject that plan and realize that God has a heartfelt beauty plan! God’s beauty plan is based on how God sees us. Some of the ways we are defined by God are: chosen-strong-cherished-daughter of the King.

This Bible class study will take us on a journey of self-evaluation by using God’s word to see how He sees us. At the end of this 12-week study, Keela’s hope for you is that you will no longer look at the world for your definition, but will turn to the only true definition – God’s Beauty Plan!


About the Author

Keela Vaughn has taught many ladies Bible classes. She is an inspirational speaker and for the last thirty years organized ladies’ retreats. She is a widow, has three children, is a nana to seven grandchildren (with one on the way), and one great-grandchild. She enjoys her part-time job at a local animal hospital.

Keela is the published author of Finding the Light in the Darkness. She has started a blog: keelight.net. She writes from the heart, using her life situations, both dark and joyful times, to help those who need hope and encouragement, and to realize they are not alone!


(2019, Paperback, 168 pages)

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