God's Poet Presents: Lyrical Giant (The Prophecy)

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God's Poet Presents: Lyrical Giant (The Prophecy)

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God's Poet Presents: Lyrical Giant (The Prophecy)
by Cornelius P. Thomas, Jr.

This compilation of poetry is dynamic, life-changing, hypnotic, painfully revealing, and honest. The wide variety of emotions expressed can identify with the worldwide struggle, from questioning purpose to coping with anxiety. The unbreakable faith expressed will ignite the reader to dig deep inside of self and search for true purpose. It will also bring assurance to those operating in their purposes that the Creator will allow us to triumph over obstacles and circumstances. It is a journey into the mind of an inspired poet. This poetry represents human development, spiritual growth, procreation, freedom in Christ, and controversy. The primary goal or mission is to see lives transformed.

About the Author

Cornelius P. Thomas, Jr., is a poetry performance artist, author, and spiritual and political activist. He is a firm believer in the gift of expression, as well as the education of ones self. His life can be defined in the phrase from trauma to triumph.

He was born and raised in Louisiana and reared in the mean, poverty-stricken streets of Baton Rouge. He, like other countless individuals, was headed down the wrong road of destruction. He indulged in drugs and alcohol and ran with the wrong crowds. He felt he was destined for an early grave. But then he realized he wasnt ready to die, that he had an assignment to carry out! It became a bit clearer a few weeks later, as he had an encounter with God. Ever since, Cornelius has been on a divine assignment from his Creator.

(2010, paperback, 98 pages)