God's Way to Live

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God's Way to Live
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Gods Way to Live
by Eternal Destination Mission

While modern living affords humans access to almost anything the mind can think of, it is easy to imagine how even the most well-meaning Christians can fall from the path of righteousness and throw away the gift of salvation they had come to accept from the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thus comes Gods Way to Live by Anita Pinkins, to remind those of the faith to be steadfast in the practice of conducting their daily affairs properly, in keeping with how followers of Christ should live in this, one of the most subtly trying times for all those in the fold.

Gods Way to Live contains words of wisdom, reminders, and a pocketful of biblical treasures to fill the hearts of adherents with clean inspirations as they tackle everyday routine.

About the Author:

Anita Pinkins is a mother of two and works for a bus company in Chicago, Illinois. During her free time, she enjoys reading biblical scriptures, listening to music, as well as dancing. Prompted by her desire for the crimes in the south side of Chicago to stop, she writes this book which is about applying Gods wisdom in daily life.

(2016, Paperback, 68 pages)