Going Beyond the Avenue

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Going Beyond the Avenue

Going Beyond the Avenue

And Ms. B’s Easy Peasy Cookbook

By: Janet Bonds

About the Book

This two-in-one book will truly speak to you. Just have an open mind – listen, it’s calling your name to come on inside to see for yourself! It has something for everyone. It might be a recipe or a few recipes that call your name, or it might be a situation that you are in, or you might need friendly advice on a romantic evening with that special one, it’s all in here and so much more.

Come on and stroll down memory lane. Stroll down the present and stroll down the future lane. From the front to the back, something will reach out and grab you; something will touch your heart.

An everlasting memory—peak inside that delicious meal. It’s inside. An awesome night or day with the love of your life, come on inside, it’s here waiting on you.

From the author’s heart straight to all of your hearts, she would like you to enjoy the books and to thank you all for allowing her to share with all of you this amazing journey called life.


(2019, Paperback, 362 pages)

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