Golden Temple

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Golden Temple
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Golden Temple: Marvel of Sikh Architecture
by Dr. SS Bhatti

Golden Temple: Marvel of Sikh Architecture by Dr SS Bhatti is based on the authors doctoral thesis for his third PhD from Panjab University, Chandigarh. This work on the Golden Temple is the first one of its kind in that it has been done by a professional whose research and creative contribution in the three fields of Architecture, Engineering, and Aesthetics is quite well known.

The author has developed a new method of studying historical monuments, and of establishing their distinct styles on the basis of illustrated analysis of the three fundamental elements of building design: space, structure, and form. Dr Bhatti has convincingly shown how Sikh Architecture is an independent style of building design, which has produced the Golden Temple, Amritsar: a marvel of Sikh Architecture with its characteristic ebullience and aesthetic charm.

This book is a definitive work on the theory and practice of building design with a befitting research methodology, which should benefit students, teachers, practitioners, and scholars alike worldwide.

About the Author

Dr SS Bhatti is Indias most versatile professional and was nicknamed Chandigarhs Mr. Versatility by the English newspaper The Indian Express. He pursues several disciplines: engineering, planning, geography, music, poetry, art, and architecture, in which he has been formally trained. He holds three PhDs.

Dr Bhatti has won over 20 awards, both national and international, in different fields, including the Indian Institute of Architects Gold Medal for Life-Time Achievement in Architectural Education, and University of Roorkee Construction Research Award for original contribution to innovative engineering. His research thesis on the Rock Garden of Chandigarh has succeeded in promoting this Outsider Art throughout the world. After his retirement, Dr Bhatti has settled in City Beautiful. He is now the Architectural Adviser for the Central University of Punjab.

(2013, Hardback, 140 pages)