Goodbye, Elaine

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Goodbye, Elaine
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Goodbye, Elaine
by Francis Nehilla

Why aren't children told the truth? There are bad people in the world and bad things can happen to you that mommy and daddy can't fix.

Most people meander through life, but not Elaine. She had life thrown at her from all directions beginning at an early age. Childhood disappointments and sexual encounters long past buried in the subconscious caused recurring behavior into adulthood. As an adult, balancing family, work, and life brought her to the breaking point. Continuously confronting obstacles in her quest for happiness and unconditional love, Elaine eventually overturned her neurotic behavior and inhaled life like fresh air.

About the Author

Francis joined the Army in the mid 1970s when male and female training was just beginning to co-exist. This challenging adventure inspired her to think outside the box and not conform to established stereotypes. She continued her military career for seven years, culminating in her assignment as a drill sergeant in the late `70s to early `80s. This was no easy task considering this field was dominated by men.

Since leaving the military, Francis has enjoyed a career working for the Defense Department and is now retired. She and her husband live in a rural area with their menagerie of animals.

(2012, paperback, 136 pages)