Grandma, Tell Me About the Good Old Days - eBook

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Grandma, Tell Me About the Good Old Days - eBook

Grandma, Tell Me About the Good Old Days

By: Dr. Anna Louise Scott


About the Book

Change is inevitable! The outcome of change, however, depends on how it is received and acted upon by each person. In today's culture of instant gratification and age of technology, each day can be a new challenge. Growing up in the Thirties, Dr. Anna Louise Scott lived when work was valued, self-reliance was necessary, and honesty, morality, and religion were a way of life. People refer to this generation as the greatest, but Dr. Scott likes to call it "The Good Old Days."

Dr. Scott has observed today's children and has very grave concerns about their culture compared to prior generations. She wondered what it was like in today's average home. To find out, she visited her grandchildren. Amazed by what was occurring, Dr. Scott decided to educate her grandchildren about what it was like back in the Good Old Days. Though many stories were shared, inquisitive questions were asked with humorous answers. The children were amazed to learn what it was like "back then" and wondered how anyone survived. At the end of her tale, Dr. Scott will share the one event in her life that changed everything.


About the Author

Dr. Anna Louise Scott was born in the early Thirties and grew up in the country. She began college at forty and obtained her doctorate in education in ten years, teaching in the later six years. At the same time, she and her husband were also raising four sons. Dr. Scott served as an educator for thirty years in public, private, and Christian schools. She authored a Map Skills book and wrote many published articles. She also wrote church newsletters for eight years and articles for a Senior Center Magazine for three years. She is still involved with children, co-teaching at a local Good News Club and volunteering at a senior center. 


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