Grandmother: The Prayer

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Grandmother: The Prayer
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Grandmother: The Prayer
by Postep The Author

Grandmother: The Prayer was inspired after the authors familys loss of the matriarch of the house, Mrs. Dixie Mary Lee Pruitt-Young, in September, 2014. The author was raised by this strong matriarch from birth and never regretted it. Originally, Grandmother: The Prayer was never intended to be written, but there was indeed a powerful story behind the one prayer, Grandmother. And this particular masterpiece was sprouting up and out from a book of over 500 prayers that the author is presently working on, entitled Sacred Prayers.

As the author proceeded to obtain a copyright for Grandmother: The Prayer, it was then that she finally realized that there was indeed a wonderful beautiful story behind the prayer. Humbly, she was so thankful that her publishing team pushed this book from her loins!

It is a beautiful collection of poetic history with an awesome story behind it. Indeed, its a story told from a little girls perspective of how she perceived, witnessed, observed, and experienced the love, memory, and legacy of her dearly beloved Grandmother.

This recognition and commendation of worth was, is, and will forever be a little childs most humble, sincere, honest, pure, and gracious gratitude and thanks unto Almighty God for the watchful eye and tender, loving care of Grandmother, the matriarch of the house!

About the Author:

The author was named after her fathers sister, because she was ever so beautiful in spirit, naturally pretty, smart, and full of intelligence. Because of that admiration, the authors mother gave her the entire name, and today, the two are engaged in the ministry of their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The author is a licensed Evangelist Missionary with a good and honest report at Temple of Deliverance COGIC, where she has been serving faithfully under the late, great Presiding Bishop G. E. Patterson and Lady Louise Dowdy Patterson, in whom she loves so dearly since November of 1995. Now she is serving under his nephew, the Bishop Milton Rosco Hawkins and Lady Catherine Crawford Hawkins.

Moreover, the author has labored and served in all capacities of the Auxiliaries in Ministry at Temple of Deliverance. Yet there was one Auxiliary with a heavy mandate resting over her life that she could not deny! And that is the ministry of Prayer, Fasting, and Intercession! It was here that she found her destiny and purpose. She sat down and labored there in, becoming a very strong, confident, and faithful prayer warrior, leader, and servant unto her local congregation. She has continued to work with love, diligence, and patience in her Lords vineyard of Prayer, Bible-Study, Teaching and Soul Winning.

(2016, Paperback, 104 pages)