Grandpa John's Journal

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Grandpa John's Journal
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Grandpa Johns Journal
by John Lawrence

Since retiring in 1997, John Lawrence has been a reporter for his local newspaper for more than fifteen years and some of his more contentious articles are included here.

Mr. Lawrence has been writing his journal for more than fifty years. This collection of his works contains many of the childrens stories he wrote for his grandchildren. His stories feature their personas and vary from whodunits to little league baseball.

Additionally, Mr. Lawrence has included significant moments in his intriguing biography, beginning with his own immigrant father. The untimely death of his mother at a relatively young age left an indelible mark and his writings reflect the trauma.

There are also samples of Mr. Lawrence's poetry - both humorous and pithy, together with examples of his thought-provoking philosophical stories.

Far-out science fiction lends some variance to your experience while reading this interesting little book.

About the Author:

John Lawrence is now retired after working more than fifty years in the heavy construction industry. About thirty years ago he sold his business to his partner and went back to his first love as a hands-on, on-the-job Supervisor of Mechanical Trades. He helped to build and repair such entities as the World Trade Center after the 1993 bombing, the Stoney Brook Hospital and College Generating Facility, St. Francis Hospital, the LIPA Port Jefferson Generating Plant, Kennedy Airport Infrastructure and various roadway and sewage plant renovations and upgrades.

(2015, Paperback, 132 pages)