Great Prescriptions to a Better You

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Great Prescriptions to a Better You

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Great Prescriptions to a Better You
by Dr. Herminio L. Gamponia, MD, FACIP

This book, Great Prescriptions to a Better You, can be one of the best investments one can have. All the articles in this book will no doubt transform ones life from misery, poverty, and physical, emotional, and mental problems to a life of abundance, peace, and success.

This book outlines the steps of achieving ones goal in the shortest and most effective way. It reveals the attitude, habits, and character of successful people. It portrays the meaning of discipline and how a student may excel in academics. It reveals the better choices in life. It outlines the greatest credo of a good teenager, leader, and doctor. It also outlines how to study the Bible and how to pray so the good Lord will hear ones prayer with favor. It also mentions how to change a lifestyle for a prescription for health and happiness. In short, this book is a testimony and a step forward for the authors passion of improving human life!

About the Author

Dr. Herminio L. Gamponia, MD, FACIP, came from a poor family and could hardly pay his tuition fees. Despite this, he was able to graduate from the college of medicine on April 15, 1958. Afterward, Dr. Gamponia practiced for three years as a charity physician in his home town. After he finished his training in general surgery, he took a year of fellowship at the Guthrie Clinic in Sayre, PA.

Thereafter, he was fortunate to be accepted in a two-year formal training in thoracic and cardiovascular surgery at the famous Long Island Jewish Hospital in New York. Eventually, Dr. Gamponia went to West Virginia, where he practiced for over thirty years as a chief surgeon at Roane General Hospital and Family Practice. He is currently retired, and he and his wife Phoebe are currently volunteers of the Mountain of Hope, a satellite of West Virginia Cancer Coalition Prevention and Control.

(2010, hardcover, 154 pages)