Growing Toward a Higher Purpose: Harvest Moon

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Growing Toward a Higher Purpose: Harvest Moon
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Growing Toward a Higher Purpose: Harvest Moon
by Mike Bauer

In the high desert of northern Nevada, author Mike Bauer, a Gulf War veteran, strives daily to cultivate a strong connection with nature and, through that, deepen his conscious contact with God. Having seen the most brutal side of the human animal, he now infuses his soul with an unwavering positivity that allows him to constantly discover the limitless potential of the human spirit and work that potential into his life. An avid outdoors-man, Mike uses his free time to fish, camp, take photographs, hike with his black Labrador, and meditate in the sun by the river, which helps to spark inspiration for his writings.

Growing Toward a Higher Purpose: Harvest Moon is the result of that inspiration. Contained within this volume are the musings of a man who lives what he perceives. For him, insight and action are not two different concepts: they are one and the same. Many of these writings are observations about self in the sense of persona and how it often fights against gale force winds of life when it need only turn around in order to find its way back to its true path, propelled by life instead of beaten by it. It is the authors sincere hope that each saying becomes a gentle nudge to the reader, turning her so that the wind is on her back.

This book is organized into four chapters, each representing a phase in ones growth toward a higher purpose. Chapter One is about opening oneself up to see which way the winds of life are blowing; Chapter Two is about building upon that openness and awareness; Chapter Three is about using ones new awareness to discover the exact nature of ones higher purpose; and Chapter Four is about sharing these insights with others.

(2015, Paperback, 150 pages)